HH Champions

Heaven’s Heroes Champions are those men and women who offer their time, talent and care to the boys and girls who admire them so much. Our Champions act as advocates for the children of fallen U.S. troops because they realize the real heroes are the ones who – to protect their families and freedoms at home – lay down their lives on the battlefield. HH Champions may show kids around the locker room, bring them out on the field, teach them how to ice skate, or let them hang out with “the big guys” on the field.  Later, a simple birthday card may be a memory they never forget – and a role model they need.

It is because of our military forces that we are allowed to dream big … and share the dream in return.

     Rick Ankiel, centerfielder for the Washington Nationals


     Kyle Turner, athletic trainer for the Kansas City Royals


       The Royals, Kansas City’s Major League Baseball team at Kauffman Stadium

Mike Macfarlane, MLB catcher, player for the KC Royals (1987-1994, 1996-98), the Boston Red Sox (1995) and the Oakland A’s (1998-99)

Craig Biggio, MLB play for the Huston Astros (1988-2007), ranks 21st all-time with 3,060 career hits, ninth player in the 3000 hit club to get all his hits with the same team 


Lori Parker, USA Olympic Team Leader, Vancouver 2010; World Figure Skating Judge

     Kristi Schiller, Chairman and Founder of K9s4Cops; also dubbed “Queen of the Internet” by the Wall Street Journal

      Vanessa Ternes, Miss Rodeo South Dakota, candidate for Miss Rodeo America

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