Royals remember fallen Army pilot


The Kansas City Royals are showing 10-year-old Braydon Nichols that they haven’t forgotten his dad, Army Chief Warrant Officer Bryan Nichols, pilot of the Chinook shot down by the Taliban in Afghanistan last month. Braydon wrote to CNN’s iReport soon after the incident asking why the media did not recognize his father in the news.

“My father was one of the 30 US Soldiers killed in Afghanistan yesterday with the Seals rescue mission. My father was the pilot of the chinook. I have seen other pictures of victims from this deadly mission and wish you would include a picture of my father. He is the farthest to the left.

Bryan Nichols on far left, seated on Chinook helicopter


Braydon Nichols, 10 yrs old

Kansas City, MO”

Heaven’s Heroes and the Royals are not letting Bryan Nichols sacrifice for our freedom go unnoticed. On Saturday, the Royals staff is escorting Braydon and his mother to pre-game batting practice to meet his favorite players, Melky Cabrera and Alex Gordon.

It is because of men like Braydon’s dad that pro-players can continue doing what they love and allow us to enjoy their games. It’s our turn to give back. Thanks, Royals, for showing the Nichols family that we will never forget their sacrifice. And thank you, Braydon, for letting us honor your father’s bravery, and yours. We hope your night at “the K” is truly a special one.

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